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. >>> i'm john roberts in for chris wallace. new allegations rock the nsa. documents leeng s beaked leakedd thousands of violations. >> what you are not reading about is the government actually abusing these programs. >> we'll discuss with the key member of the homeland security committee and critic of the nda, kentucky senator, rand paul. >>> crack down on supporters of leader leaves hundreds of people dead. >> we'll discuss the situation in the region and the us response with republican congressman of new york and senator rumenthal of connecticut. >>> the obama is forced to play defense. >> this is no longer a political debate. this is what we call the law. >> the president claims that this law is working the way it is supposed to. but clearly it is not. >> we'll ask our sunday panel about the political hall out. all right here on fox news sunday. >> more tough questions for the nsa after the washington post reported this week that the agency violated policy rules. >> nation's most secretive spy agency intercepted e-mails and calls during that time and did not report the unauthori
. thank you, steve. >>> it is 7:11. edward snowden is on the move. what finally caused the nsa leaker to leave the moscow airport and what we know about his new locations. >>> and more shocking demands by san diego's mayor. why his lawyers are still insisting the city pay his legal fees. the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. with qualifying bundles. we're new to town.ells. welcome to monroe. so you can move more effortlessly... we want to open a new account: checking and savings. well we can help with that. we tend to do a lot of banking online. you play? yeah discover a mobile app that lets you bank more freely... and feel
. as well as nsa critic congressman justin amash of michigan. >>> then, washington keeps heading for a budget impasse and government shut down. >> we have seen a faction of republicans in congress saying they wouldn't pay the bills congress racked up in the first place. >> instead of working together yesterday the president threatened to shut down the government. >> we'll ask house majority leader eric cantor if they can make a deal before the deadline. all right now on fox news sunday. >>> hello again from fox news in washington. we begin with a terror threat that's prompted the state department to issue a global travel alert for americans and to close almost two dozen embassies and consulates across the muslim world. we are told the al qaeda threat is specific, but the targets are not. chief washington correspondent james rose en has the latest. james? >> reporter: good morning. president obama and his national security team approached this day, the president's 52nd birthday, in a state of apprehension. the u.s. embassy compound in cairo is one of two does then u.s. installatio
audit and some other documents. >> reporter: that paper work shows the nsa broke privacy rules. since congress gave the surveillance agency new broader powers in 2008. nsa leaker edward ♪ den gave the washington post documents earlier this summer including an nsa audit dated may of 2012. it shows ore the prior year there were nearly 2800 incidents of unauthorized collection of distribution of legally protected communications. the nsa audit says many incidents were unintended but the washington post article points out nor serious incidents including violation of a court order and unauthorized use of data on 3,000 americans and green card holders. nsa official told the washington post the nsa is human run agency and at times workers find themselves on the wrong side of the line. california senator dianne fine stain chairs the committee. her reaction to the latest developments on nsa overreach coming up at 6:15. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the website of the washington post was hacked which supports the president of syria. the syrian electronic army hacked
searchs claims about another nsa program and the response from the white house. >>> an ohio ariel castro. and holding three women hostage for ten years. what else is expected to happen in that courtroom. >>> good morning. traffic on 237 looks good. more about the morning commute ahead. >>> 5:14. and sentencing day for kidnapper ariel castro he helped three -- held three women captive for ten years. prosecutors will tell us more about his daily assaults on amanda berry. michelle knight and gina dejesus. and it is from entries found in diaries they were keeping. they are out to prove that he a monster. he is the worst of the worst. he is a -- the most violent predator that can be offered. the victims will be difference a chance to speak. castro will be giving a long statement about his life saying who he is. it could take up to four hours. and he will be serving life in prison plus a 1000 years that's all part of a plea deal. >>> we have developing news in the case of edward snowden. he has left the airport in moscow and entered russia. he just received papers granting him a one year tempo
from edward snowden. the report shows the nsa broke privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority thousands of time each year since congress gave the surveillance agency proud, new powers in 2008. "the washington post" says they got a response from an official saying the nsa is a human-run agencies and often times workers find themselves on the wrong side of the line. president obama had a panel of outside intelligence advisers. but that panel of 14 is now down to four people and the white house says last week it's turning to brand-new, and still undetermined outside experts to look over the nsa's actions. there is a special court that's designated to oversee these surveillance agencies. how the nsa went against court orders -- when i see you at 8:15. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> there's new developments surrounding snoerden. he's accused of downloading materials about u.s. and british spying programs while he was working last year for dell. intelligence agencies say he left dell for a government contractor in march to specifically get access to more top-event files. in
reports, an internal audit shows nsa regularly overstepped its legal authority. kyla. >> reporter: documents show the nsa monitored americans and foreign intelligence without authorization. the washington post broke this story the newspaper says nsa leaker edward snowden provided journalists with top secret documents earlier this summer. the paper work thousands of times a year they broke privacy rules. most incidents were unintentional but one case reveals they intercepted a large number of calls made here in washington, d.c. because of programming error confused the local area code 202 for simply 2-0. that is the dialing code for egypt. dianne feinstein chairs the committee. she says they need to do more to make sure the nsa operations are appropriate. those details when i see you around 7:15. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. >>> there are also new developments surrounding nsa leaker edward snowden. he's accused of down loading materials about u.s. and british ease dropping programs while working for dell last year. intelligence agents say he left dell for a
dianne feinstein will be meeting at the white house about the nsa surveillance. we're live in the news room now with more on the meeting today and news of another secret program. >> reporter: dave, the same reporter who releasing specifics on another program. the guardian's glen greenwald said that with the xkeyscore it collects as much activity as it can and search teams used on the internet. the nsa assured lawmakers that are tiny fraction are looked at by officials. and the chairman of the judiciary committee determined whether the patriot act allows this. >> based on the secret interpretation every statute that does not appear to authorize those. and it will be next. >>> with the head of the nsa toll about reading e-mails when i see you next. >>> live in washington. a lawyer has ignited the latest controversy in the scandal. it should foot the bill against the harassment lawsuit. the lawyer says that's because the mayor never received state required sexual harassment training. the council voted to deny the mayor money for his defense. >>> there is a new development in the scandal h
it is not a real product and is not for sale. >>> the nsa scandal widens the international organization that was reportedly the target of spying by the united states. >> and it is called revenge porn and california lawmakers want it to stop. the possible penalty for posting intimate picks of your ex. >> in weather low clouds and fog already pushing back into the bay. coming up a break down of drizzle chances for the monday morning commute, and we'll highlight the warmest days of the week. [ superfan ] we're hitting the road to help america discover the new helper. you've got to try this sweet & sour chicken helper. i didn't know they made chicken. crunchy taco or four cheese lasagna? can i get another one of those actually? [ superfan ] hey, america, we're here to help. ♪ too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. >>> continuing coverage now of the crisis in syria. today the syrian government announced it will allow the united nations to inspect the site of an alleged chemical weapons attac
recommendations about the nsa greaterring communications between americans unlawfully for years. the national security agency collected an estimated 56,000 emails and other electronic communications each year that were entirely domestic. the judge suggestioned the nsa violated the law against spying on americans. the nsa said the data collection was unable to separate information that only involved americans. >>> video from rebel organizations showed dozens of people sick and suffering and they do not show any obvious signs of wounds. the rebels say at least 100 people died, many of them women and children. if the use of chemical weapons is confirmed it would add pressure on the united states to get more involved in the conflict. >>> japan is facing a new disaster at the fukushima nuclear plant. about 80,000 gallons of highly radioactive water has leaked from a holding tank, and may have reached the ocean. the fukushima plant was badly damaged in that tsunami in 2011. three reactors had meltdowns. >>> a german woman, who was attacked by a shark in hawaii has died. she had been on life support
it needs to continue and we need to work with them. >> another story, the nsa story where it seems that almost every day there is another revelation that comes out about the fact that the nsa, our government had access to more information, communications involving americans than we had suspected or thought, that they have violated their own rules in collecting thousands of domestic e-mails. senator corker, you have called for the head of the nsa, general keith alexander to brief congress when you get back in september. let me ask you a direct question, sir. as the top republican on senate foreign relations, as you sit here today, do you feel you actually know what the government is and isn't doing in surveilling americans? >> no. i mean i don't think -- there are many people work harder than i do. i'm not on the intelligence committee. obviously, they are privy to information that i am not. absolutely not. that's why i wrote a letter this week to the president, ask that the head of this organization come in and brief folks from top to bottom to explain every program that's under wa
in 3 minutes. >> nsa leaker edward snowden granted temporary asylum today. how long he will be able to stay in russia. the one important decision students make that may determine their success in college. >>> complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >>> back now live to frank ogawa plaza in downtown oakland at 14 14th and broadway where the bart rally continues to grow in support of union workers for bart. they could go on strike sunday night if they can't reach an agreement. the two sides did talk today but still no deal. news chopper 2 is live over the crowd right now. you can see it continues to grow. probably in the neighborhood of 200, maybe more people on hand right now. ktvu's paul chambers is also at the rally. paul? >> reporter: i would say 3-400 people right now. i have a better view from the ground. there are people talking. there are tons of different unions out here. you have longshoreman, nurses. they say they are standing united for a fair contract. bart people say it is not about wages and benefits, it is about saf
of attacks on journalists. nsa staff broke more privacy rules than admitted may lead to a reform of the agency. >> i heard from a number of my colleagues directly through the media. they feel differently about the amendment if they had a second chance they might have voted yes on it. >> just to shake up the. nsa, nancy pelosi drew criticism to defeat it. >>> oscar pistorius was officially indicted for the shooting death of his girl friend. he cried and he held hands with his family before that court hearing started. if convicted he faces 25 years in prison for the murder of his girlfriend. he said he shot her by mistake thinking she was an intruder. the trial is due to begin next year. >>> the lead contractor for the new bay bridge is due to open next weekend. if it opens as scheduled, it will get a $0 million bonus, that's on top of a $16 million bonus it got last year for staying in line with the bum. it could be penalized for the infamous bolt problems. that could make a be dent on the bonus it do receive. >>> the deer got stranded in the water and struggled to climb up the wa
in explaining why he thinks it's time for a more comprehensive review of the government's nsa surveillance programs. it's time now for our sunday group. bill kristol of "the weekly standard," joe lieberman, carlie fiorina, former ceo of hewlett-packard and julia pace. president obama says he wants to strike the right balance between the freedoms and security in proposing reforms to government surveillance. the aclu immediately said that he doesn't gone nearly far enough, while some conservatives said he's jeopardizing our safety in an effort to satisfy groups like the aclu. bill, does that mean he got the balance just right or that he totally messed it up? >> we don't know what he's proposed really. it's so vague. so it's hard to know. he's been president for 4 1/2 years, one would assume he'd be making sure there was a right balance between security and privacy. i'd rather think there has been. if he wants to propose some tweaks he can do so, but i think he has to reassure people that he's paying attention and there's no rampant violation of privacy or liberties. >> senator lieberman, pre
is scheduled for noon. >>> former nsa contractor edward snowden may be living in a luxury townhouse in a gated community outside of moscow. according to a russian newspaper snowden could be staying in this high security development you see there. it's surrounded by thick walls and barb wire. the russian government has not said publicly where snowden is living after granting him asylum for one year. >>> 4:48 is the time right now. sal, for people heading into the city, there could be quite a bit of traffic for the outside lands festival. that effects the golden gate area. >> that is true. and in those neighborhoods especially. the best way to get there is use public transportation. use muni out there. let's go out and take a look at the commute on westbound 80 as you head out to the mccarthur maze. it looks pretty good starting off here. there are no major problems. it is a very nice driving coming in from vallejo. the traffic looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is light. no problems get into the city. hopefully we will have another good day. san mateo and dumbarton bridge traffic looks
. the father of former nsa contractor edward snowden is speaking out in defense of his son. he has not yet had any direct contact with his son but he plans to visit him in russia soon. he calls president obama's statement that he is not a patriot political hatred. >> the american people are absolutely unhappy with what they have learned and more will be forthcoming. >> russia granted edward snowden a year of temporary asylum earlier this month. >>> state lawmakers get back to work today in sacramento with a wide range of run control bills topping their today list. the proposalled gun control legislation will give california the most stringent gun laws in the country. today the senate appropriations committee will hear legislation already passed by the assembly. including bills that will create a state data base of all gun purchases. >>> new figures show violent crime in every bay county expect for marin county. that is compared to 541 the year before. however other crimes like burglary, theft, and arson went up. >>> a body found in vacaville could be identified this afternoon and the family of
operating procedures, to typos on documents. >>> there are new developments surrounding nsa leaker edward snowden. he's accused of down loading materials about u.s. and british ease dropping intelligence while working for dell last year. he left dell for a government contractor in march to specifically gain access to more top secret files. in another development he e- mailed news outlets to distance himself from his father. saying his father does not speak for him. >>> a marin county author and political activist traveled to norway this week to push for awarding the nobel peace prize to bradley manning. he collected more than 100,000 signatures endorsing manning for the peace prize. he says manning's actions help to shorten the u.s. military involvement in iraq. meantime bradley manning's sentencing hearing continues to today. he faces up to 90 years in prison for giving 700,000 classified documents to wikileaks. on wednesday manning apologied for -- apologized for his actions saying he was sorry he hurt his country. >>> cyclist who hit and killed a pedestrian was ordered to jail time. th
. >>> britain's newspaper published more documents reveal the extent of the nsa surveillance program. edward snowden provided the documents. they show computer screen shots of the searches analysts perform. the nsa collected 42 billion records in a month in 2012. and stored the data on 700 servers at 150 sites around the world. >>> now at 6:00 p.m. a look at the steel pieces being made to fix the eastern span of the bay bridge. >> negotiations are underway but commuters are beginning to talk about plans in the event of a bart strike. >> could there be a new victim of the zodiac killer? why investigators think the zodiac killer may be linked to a cold case in lake tahoe. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >>> good evening. >>> hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> the solution to fixing the eastern span of the bay bridge now depends on steel saddles. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar got a look at how vitethal pieces are and how they are be dag vital the pieces are and how they are being made. >> the bolts can't h
america safe. karen was with group of demonstrators that say the nsa need to be reined in. >> >> reporter: a live lie group calling on local leaders to do more to protect the privacy of american citizens. >>> dangers to democracy are too great >> reporter: daniel exposed pentagon capers four decades ago, shedding light on america's policies in vietnam. he told a crowd of roughly 300 he identified strongly with edward snowden and manning. >> in the case of manning myself, we wanted to make people aware of the wars. ongoing war and hopelessness of it. in snowden's case, he was looking at violations of the constitution that are getting much debate and would never have done so without snowden's actions. >> reporter: this rally, organized by restore the force too many aim at the surveillance programs. supporters of them say it protects americans. >> you need to have a warrant, the warrant needs to have probable cause. you need to describe specific persons and things to be searched. you are what we have been learning about, the surveillance, follows none of these rules. >> reporter: this woman,
that is a good word for him. >> a former head of the nsa added to the storm of criticism against edward snowden today recording the nsa. he was unsure president obama could increase transparency saying some steps that will make americaens more comfortable will -- americans more comfortable will make them less safe. >>> president obama played golf this morning on martha's vineyard. the president and his family are staying on martha's vineyard till august 18. he will have no public appearances but receives daily briefing. >>> u.s. attorney general eric holder ilappear in san francisco tomorrow -- will aspear in san francisco tomorrow at the -- will aspear in san francisco tomorrow -- will appear in san francisco tomorrow morning at the american bar association. former secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to appear at the same meet -- same meeting tomorrow. >>> boat owners have a few days left to remove their boats because of low water levels. boats are usually pulled between october and december 1 when water is released for flood control but this year a lack of rain and snow melt conspi
suing on behalf of 12 of the passengers. >>> the father of former of nsa contractor edward snowden is talking publicly and defending his son. coming up what snowden's father had to say about president obama's statement that his son is not a patriot. >>> california's high speed rail project is facing another delay. construction was supposed to begin last year. now it may not begin until next year. according to a construction company there are problems with company contracts and permits. the state still needs to buy much of the land that it wants to build. it could get travelers from coast to coast in less than an hour. he says it is cheaper than a bullet train and sweetly self- -- and completely self-powered. now musk says he will release his plans by today. he adds he has no plans to build it himself. even though he does have hands on experience with tesla's electric cars and private space travel with space x. he's involved in a few things. >>> a sink hole sinks part of a resort near disney world. at 5:30 you will hear from a woman that was inside that villa when it started sinking
ordered the nsa to stop doing? . >>> a man with a gun has targeted four concord businesses. i'll tell you what connects all four cases and give you a suspect description. >>> all right. we have traffic that's getting busy and one major area of san francisco, we have busy traffic. this is a look at 87, san jose. it's a little slow. >>> fog bank is getting busy as well. it's really flexing its muscle. what about the lightning? are we done? ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be great if all devices had backup power? the chevrolet volt does. it's ingeniously designed to seamlessly switch from electricity to gas to extend your driving range. no wonder volt is america's best-selling plug-in. that's american ingenuity to find new roads. ♪ the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪ . >>> welcome back. robbers hit four businesses in concord in less than a week. are the robberies connected? ktvu katie hugh is in concord with the latest detailings. good morning. >> i touched base with con court police a few minutes ago. they say the detective should be on duty in about an hour. w
on the intelligence committee say the nsa's controversial spy program is what picked up on messages sent among senior al qaeda operatives. the state department decided to keep 19 u.s. embassies and consulates in the muslim world closed through friday. they point to the al qaeda threat, major prison brea in the middle east and the ramadan coming to a close this week. less than two hours from now, secretary of state, john kerry, is slated with meet with military leaders, thousands of troops in the middle east and in europe are on high alert. why they say last year's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi is playing a role in this latest threat when i see you next. back to you. >> the state department's warnings are the reason why san francisco police are on high alert. there's no threat to san francisco but they are increasing patrols, focusing on government buildings and places of worship. they want everybody to keep an eye out for unusual activity. >> it's kind of unusual they are there. you ask yourself why. >> police say they are being proactive because it makes it easier for them to respo
temporary asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. white house spokesman suggested that president obama may not hold a top level meeting with russian president vladimir putin set for next week. it's possible he may boycott the summit in russia. he was granted asylum in russia for one year. >>> congress is now considering a bill that calls for sweeping changes in the safety rules for college athletes. the legislation would require annual concussion tests for most athletes. the bill would also require ncaa schools to guarantee four year scholarships to athletes that compete in the so-called collision sports. there would be tough penalties for schools that break the rules. >>> landmark bar is heading into the final weekend. is set to close its doors on sunday after 36 years in business. owner tony says the building changed hands recently and the new landlord wants more rent than he can play. it's a blues bar. he says the final act on sunday night will be chris brown and the uptown blues band. >>> thomas henderson is adding to his collection of landmark bills. he is paying $8 million for the ol
. >> members say the nsa program is what picked up on messages being spent on operatives. analysts with the cia are scouring the databases and intercepts and web sites for clues. lawmakers say the final planning for an attack may already be complete. >> it can be the planned attacks where there will be a series of attacks and we should be ready for everything. >> the decision to close the consulates through the week is -- week is after prison breaks and some people are tied to al- qaeda. officials point to the end of ram dan the holy season for muslims. >>> the secretary of state is working closely with the military laters in regards to the threat. what they are doing today and what is happening to troops overcease. that's next. >>> well the state department's warning has san francisco police on high alert. there is no threat to san francisco but they are increasing patrols throughout the city as a precaution. and they are focusing on buildings and attractions and places of worship. they are asking everyone to watch for unusual activity. >> it is reassuring that they are there. you are asking
to egypt. >>> the partner of the reporter who revealed leaks about the nsa was grilled by authorities at london's heathrow airport. his partner david miranda was questioned for nearly nine hours today the maximum time under britain's anti terrorism law. online green wald called the detainment spottic and an an escalation on attacks on journalists. >> i certainly heard from a number of my colleagues that they feel different about the amendment now. if they had a second chance they might have voted yes on it. >> reporter: the previous bill by house member justin ahmad lost by a narrow margin. nancy pelosi drew criticism for helping to defeat it. >>> bay area congresswoman jackie spier said new policies by the pentagon are not enough to prevent sexual assaults in the military. >> these proposals by secretary hagel are baby steps, they are good but they're not best practices and really repackaging what has been wronged in the system for all these years. >>> the pentagon's proposals include more supports for victims but keeps the military in charge of prosecution. congresswoman spier is c
had concerns and leaking nsa information has put the u.s. at risk. president obama said if snowden believes what he did was right, he should return to the u.s. and make his case in court. snowden's father says the opinions of politicians don't matter to him. >> he's sacrificed than the president of the united states and peter king have evers. so how they cluz to characterize him -- choose to characterize him doesn't concern me. >> reporter: what republicans on capitol hill have to say about that when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:16. the sentencing of convicted spy bradley manning begins today. later today, the army private's defense team is expected to call the first of more than a dozen witnesses. manning is expected to make a statement between now and wednesday? he faces up to 90 years in prison for disclosing classified information while working as an intelligence analyst in iraq. >>> 7:16. some businesses say they are not happy the u.s. postal service wants to start delivering alcohol. the postmaster general is hoping the postal service can start t
meeting with russia now since russia granted temporary asylum to edward snowden. the nsa leaker. yesterday spokesman for the white house says white house will not hold a top level meeting with vladimir putin which is scheduled for next week. it's possible president obama may boycott the upcoming g-20 summit in russia. snowden was granted asylum in russia for one year. united states was urging russia to send snowden back here to the u.s. to face charges for leaking secret surveillance program information. >>> uc berkeley trying to protect the students information by increasing cyber security efforts. university is doubling its funding for a central information security program to $3 million for the next fiscal year be it's estimated there are millions of attempts by hackers every year trying to steal information from the university. >>> a young baseball team from the peninsula has big league dreams this morning. the little league team known as the belmont redwood shores majors all stars is competing this weekend at the west regionals. the winner heads to williams port, pennsylvania for the
temporary asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. yesterday the white house suggested president obama may not meet next week with russian president vladimir putin as scheduled. president obama may boycott the upcoming g-20 summit in russia. >> we are extremely disappointed the russian government would take this step. >> lawmakers are urging the president to get tough. white house officials were not willing to say exactly what consequences might lie ahead. snowden granted -- was granted asylum in russia for one year. >>> time now just about 6:49. we've had problems around the toll plaza, sal. any better news? >> well, it's slightly better but it's still slow as you come into the bay bridge toll plaza because of an earlier crash. it is backed up all the way out to the mccarthur maze. a little bit beyond that. at least it's moving. it will take you about 20-30 minutes if you are not in the car pool lanes to get through. just to get on to the bridge period. san mateo bridge has been heavy. it's improved after they got a truck that was stalled on the high-rise. they got that out of there but t
in the decision to cancel the meeting was russia granting asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. the president still plans to attend the summit next month. >>> the feeling was that the secretary, having continued conversations with the foreign minister, and of course defense secretary chuck hagel having continued conversations, would be the appropriate next step. >> the russian news agency quotes president putin saying that the u.s.'s decision to cancel is evidence that the u.s. is not ready to build relations with russia. >>> tonight's drawing is the third-largest jackpot in the history of the game, at $425 million. despite the long odds of winning, people in the south bay are heading to one particular convenience store to buy their tickets. >> give me $5. >> winning numbers, right here. >> reporter: sure. that's what everybody is hoping. >> ha ha! >> reporter: customers at this 7-eleven are among the dreamers today, in hopes of winning the $425 million jackpot. they have a one in 175 million chance of hitting it. they hope coming to this convenience store will bring them luck. in may, someone won
to the u.s. when it gave asylum to former nsa contractor edward snowden. rice who served as secretary state is an expert on russia and currently a political science professor at stanford, university. >>> your time now 6:18. two friends they are facing new charges. yesterday a federal grand jury indicted those two young men on obstruction of justice. the two men went to tsarnaev's dorm room and removed incriminating evidence. up until now they faced charges of conspiracy. if convicted they could face up to 25 years in prison. >>> menlo park police may have license plate readers in that patrol cars. council members says the city has to agree on a policy for how long the data will be stored. >>> parking control officers are taking pictures as they take out traffic tickets. muni issue a new order they take photos of most traffic violations when they write tickets in san francisco. the infractions include blocking driveways, packing on sidewalks and violating construction zone parking lots. the photos will be used as evidence against anyone who wants to try to fight that ticket in court. >>> tim
are following new developments this morning in the nsa scandal. the editor of the guardian newspaper says he was forced by british authorities to destroy computer hard drives containing material leaked by edward snowden. this follows the arrest of the brazilian partner of the guardian journalist that first published the u.s. intelligence secrets leaked by snowden. he was on his way home when he was questioned by authorities for nine hours. >> when i started asking about my rights, if you are going to keep me here, i want to know what are my rights. under what law can you keep me here and they began to tell me that they would keep me under the terrorism law in britain. >> the authorities that questioned him took his laptop and cell phone. the guardian says it will continue to publish information obtained from snowden. >> after days of debating there are reports that the obama administration has put a temporary hold on some military aid to egypt. the white house has not made a permanent decision on this. kyla. >> reporter: dave, the obama administration said it is reprogramming aid for egypt w
the people. >> the time is 6:15. new developments in the nsa scandal. the editor of the guardian newspaper says he was forced by british authorities to destroy computer hard drives containing material leaked by edward snowden. this follows the detention of the brazilian partner of the guardian journalist who first published u.s. intelligence secrets leaked by snowden. miranda was on his way home from when he was questioned at the airport for nine hours. he says that british authorities questioned him, took away his laptop and his cell phone. >>> stanford university is increasing online secured. that's after two hacker attacks in the past couple of months. most recent was just last month. hackers broke into the main computer network for the second time since may. administrators now warning this latest attack was apparently launched from an overseas location. and it closely resembled other recent attacks on american universities and companies. >> san diego mayor is believed to be working out a settlement with one of his accusers. he was spotted out in public for the first time in about three
communications. that's according to the wall street journal. the journal says the nsa has developed a surveillance network aimed at gathering information that starts or ends at other countries. they say the system likely to gather the communication that takes place in the u.s. the first information about the program came public when edward snowden leaked classified documents. >>> a dog in san francisco is still in the pet hospital after falling 40 feet from a window. his owner says it happened because someone shot him with a pellet gun. show you john gutten and his dog freddy. freddy was being treated to his hips and pelvis, the vets called to say a pellet was found embedded in his leg. he thinks his dog was shot intentionally and called police to investigate. >> somebody hurt my dog on purpose. like, what the hell is that? who the hell does that? >>> and freddy's recovery is expected to take at least ten weeks. police are looking for witnesses. gutten thinks someone in the area may be using animals for target practice. >>> while most students are heading to the first year of colleg
and in many others all across san francisco. >>> new revelations about u.s. intelligence. the power of the nsa network and how much internet traffic it could reach. >> are you following them? >> yeah. >> we don't need to do that. >>> reenacting the trayvon martin shooting. the controversy of a renewed service announcement, the deadly confrontation. >>> good morning, traffic is doing pretty well in many areas. i want to take you to northbound 101 in san jose. we have a slowdown because of a crash. we'll tell you what is going on. >>> low clouds this morning. also some gusty winds. no showers out there right now. there's still a chance. coming at forecast, break down thunderstorm chances today. details in a red flag warning and the temperature change you can't expect by the weekend. [ male announcer ] at sizzler... it's back for a limited time! fire grilled steak and golden all-you-can-eat shrimp for an incredible $9.99! only at sizzler! . >>> time now 6:14. a group on florida stand your ground law. released public service announce linked to the trayvon martin shooting. >> the 92nd psa uses 911
. they found that the national security agency mistakenly collected the e-mails. one judge criticized the nsa for collecting more data than was legally allowed and for waiting to acknowledge its mistake. >>> facebook founder mark zuckerberg is leading a big effort to get more of the world's seven billion people online. members include facebook, samsung and qualcomm. the goal is to develop cheaper smartphones and less data- hungry applications. mark zuckerberg admits it's a challenge but says that it should be available to everyone. >>> how california inspects its school buses. >>> also, graduating but not prepared. the shocking number of california students who aren't ready after high school. what teachers, though, plan to do about it. >>> and giving an answer. what the white house said today about the president's plan to change marijuana laws. looks like you started to make something. ♪ oh, a green! ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] cheerios. with flavors your heart will love. ♪ find your favorite cheerios flavors. available at target. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver.
the national security agency of spying on americans. today published quotes from the document that say the nsa decoded the internal video system at the un. says the decrypting allowed the usa to see hundreds of confidential conversations. >>> on the internet is up for debate. the legislation would outlaw the posting of exnude lovers as revenge. the state senate already passed the bill with one dissenting vote. >>> time for us to talk about our bay area forecast. pretty nice out there. let's talk to mark. >> a few minor changes. remember yesterday we are concerned with a few showers today. but it ended up being a nice day. into the mid to upper 80s. right now some clouds, we'll zoom in closer, and for san francisco some impressive low cloud formations pushing back into the bay earlier today. but lots of sunshine inland and temperatures are mild. san francisco 65 degrees and santa rose a in the upper 70s. as far as wind speeds, look at this, the winds out of the west in fair field, 22 miles per hour and winds out of the northwest in oak lands at the airport, 15 miles per hour. sfo winds 18 and s
revelations from documents leaked by former nsa the agency gathers millions of u.s. phone records and e-mails every year. >>> today a san diego mayor bob filner's last day on the job. filner resigned after 18 women publicly accused him of inappropriate behavior. council president todd will become the acting mayor. but a special election will be held on november 19th to elect the new mayor. at least five candidates are in the running for the job. >>> your time is 5:16. a police investigation has determined a big rig driver was at fault at a crash earlier this month that killed a cyclist in san francisco. san francisco police chief greg sur says the case is being turned over the to district attorney. the cyclist was killed at sixth and folsom streets. this happened august 14th as she was heading to work. >>> the vallejo police officer has returned a van load full of marijuana to a dispensary owner. matthew was shot during a raid of february of last year but the charges were dropped because of a lack of evidence. yesterday the police returned the pot to him under a court order. but after b
document leaked by nsa's leaker edward snowden. this one deals with the cia budget and just how much money is spent and how much of that budget is actually kept secret. and the new york city subway system shut down. we will show you incredible video of the culprits behind that shut down. >> thank you. >>> time is 6:48. >> tonight oakland pride weekend festivities are set to get under way. a pride kickoff party is scheduled at 9:00 in downtown oakland. organizers are hoping to draw 50,000 people to sunday's big pride event but the bridge closure could impact attendance a bit. the outdoor festival scheduled to get under way at 7:00 tomorrow morning. some areas will be closed shortly before and after that event. >>> time is 6:49. let's bring sal back and get you to where you need to go. how is it looking? all right sal. >> sal, we can't hear you. >> you need to talk louder when you talk to me. that's okay take a second. we'll take a quick break. we will be right back. >>> welcome back. new audio recordings from the april 15th worst ton marathon bombings have just been released. >> the calls
. >>> the american reporter who has written stories based on leaked documents from the nsa says he will not be silenced by what he describes as police harassment of his partner at london's heathrow airport. london police detained david miranda for nine hours yesterday. these are photos of miranda beated greeting in rio where the two men live. meanwhile, last week's revelation that the nsa staff broke privacy rules than admitted may be another attempt by congress to reform the agency. >> i've certainly heard from a number of my colleagues directly and through the media that they feel differently about the amendment now. if they have a second chance, they might have voted yet on it. >> the congressman's previous bill to shake up the nsa loss drew criticism from nancy pelosi for helping to defeat it. >>> president obama is back at the white house this morning, after a week-long vacation at martha's vineyard in massachusetts. this is video of the president and his family returning home last night. this afternoon, the president has a meeting scheduled with financial regulators to discus
service shut down in the wake of the edward snowden nsa leak. it was reportedly used by snowden. the e-mail provider announced it's immediately ending service, citing concerns about secret government court orders. today, other secure e-mail service provider said its following the lead as a protective measure. >>> the u.s. postal service said that deep cost-cutting measures helped it trim losses by millions and that the red ink is still substantial. the officials reported the $740 million loss in the quarter which ended june 30th, compared to over 5 billion in losses during the same time last year. the postal service said it's cut service and work hours, consolidated facilities and trimmed workers cut costs, this year's losses are up to nearly $4 billion. night is the annual perseid meteor sower is -- shower is about to light up the night sky. the event is known as the best shooting star show of the year. shooting stars are darting across the night ski, but activity is expected to peak on sunday and monday with as many as 70 meteors an hour streaming across the sky. if it's dark in the
for this afternoon. live in washington, kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 7:16. former nsa contractor edward snowden may be living in a luxury townhouse in a gated community outside moscow. according to a russian newspaper, snowden could be staying in this high security development. it's surrounded by thick walls and bashed wire. reportedly the development has a golf course and a yacht club. the russian government has not said publicly where snowden is living after granting him asylum for one year. >>> and former secretary of state condoleezza rice says she supports president obama's decision to cancel a meeting with russian president sad mere put -- vladimir putin last month after what she called russia's slap in the face to u.s. when they gave asylum to snowden. rice is an expert on russia and is a political science professor at stanford university. >>> a man accused of a deadly shooting rampage is a former member of an all male dance team for the dallas mavericks. he is accused of killing four people including his estranged wife and wounded four mother, including several children. he was
the announcement about this partnership on his facebook page, of course. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the nsa is able to look at about three quarters of all u.s. internet communications. this is according to the wall street journal. the paper says the nsa has developed a surveillance network. it is aimed at gathering information that starts or ends in other countries but it says the system is here in the u.s. the information became public when edward snowden leaked classified documents. >>> 7:47. sal, are you taking care of our friends at the toll plaza? >> yes, we are. it's a little bit slow out there. still, although, it's getting better, getting across into san francisco. today, getting into the city, there's a giants game. the giants played the red sox at at&t -- play the red sox at 12:45 at at&t park. people will be trying to get into san francisco all morning long and then later on, they will be triesing to get -- trying to get out of san francisco, about the same time of all the commuters. the as play today at the coliseum. that's a day game. southbound 101 looks pretty good if you are
to grant temporary asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. it allows him to escape espionage charges in the u.s., for now. he talked about snowden on the "tonight show" yesterday. >> it's important for me not to prejudge something. hopefully at some point he will go to trial and have a lawyer and due process. >> reporter: the obama administration cites additional reason for canceling the one on one meeting including missiles defense and arms control and russian human rights law. this friday, chuck hagel and secretary of state john kerry will be meeting with their russian counterparts here in washington with the hopes of making progress on a range of issues. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> 8:16. president obama talked about housing yesterday in phoenix, arizona. that made some people angry. protesters held signs and chanted in spanish. they say the president should have focused on immigration reform while in arizona. but there were the so-called dreamers brought to the u.s. as children and are now able to get citizenship. >> didn't give us license. we
the surveillance activities of the national security agency. documents show the nsa illegally gathered tens of thousands of emails and other electronic communications between americans until it was ordered to stop by a judge back in 2011. >> 7:47. the star of the tv series prison break has revealed he is gay. while refusing a tv invitation because of the country's new laws banning expressions of support for gay rights. the 41-year-old actor sent a letter saying quotas a gay man, i must decline. i cannot in good conscious participate in a sell bra tori occasion hosted by a country where people like myself are being systematically denied basic right to live and love openly. >>> we may know as soon as tomorrow if san diego's battled mayor will step down. reached a tentative deal filed against him and the city. the specifics of the deal have not been made public but will be presented to the council tomorrow. there is speculation that filner is clearing out his office. last night he was seen leaving city hall in an suv filled with boxes of files. >> i am glad we've reached some sort of a resolut
. >> they will protest surveillance. by the agency. >> the nsa is spying on american citizens and they have a right to privacy. >> the group said pelosi has defended it. and that is along the embarcadero. and in other city assist such as washington, los angeles and new york. >>> some disillusioned tea partiers will leave. and they said the people they elected have embraced more moderate issues. and some are anxious to return the movement to prominence. others plan to sit out high profile races in swing states incomes year. >> gop fears some of their stars could fall. >> this is the sewer i don't sayity rover. and in the 12 months since its touchdown, it has sent back more than 70,000 images. >> there are no plans to have it come back. >> they will be celebrating on tuesday. >> look on twitter and google. use the hash tag. ask nasa. >> graduates got a commencement speech from out of this world. >> my time there provided a great foundation for me. not only as an engineer but as a person. >> she delivered the speech from 200 miles above earth. she is an astro nat aboard the space station. >> it is les
threat. >>> well the father of the nsa leaker, edward snowden may soon be able to visit them here in russia. they have a travel visa and reportedly plans to make the trip in the next few days. granted asylum in russia for one year. they wanted them to send them home for disclosing the secret surveillance programs, that they are planning to discuss how to fight those charges. >>> well, the other service members were killed today in eastern afghanistan, so far they have not released any details on how they were killed or any other detail, which makes the troops killed in afghanistan this year and of the 78 were from the united states. >> they're expected to leave afghanistan at end of next year. >> and nelson mandela is still in critical condition, but that his health is slowly improving, he's been hospitalized since june for the recurring lung infection. despite the project, the danger is now over yet. and last month they turned 95 years old in the hospital. >>> well the first family is enjoying their first morning on some indication that it will be martha's vineyard. they landed a
wallace. new allegations rock the nsa. documents leeng s beaked leakedd thousands of violations. >> what you are not reading about is the government actually abusing these programs. >> we'll discuss with the key member of the homeland security committee and critic of the nda, kentucky senator, rand paul. >>> crack down on
to help restore the government there. >>> new developments in the nsa scandal. the ed ider -- the editor of the guardian newspaper says he was ordered to destroy documents, following the arrest of the brazilian partner of the guardian who first published the secrets leaked by snowden. we're hearing from david miranda. he was on his way home to rio when "ed by authorities for nine hours. >> translator: when i started to asking about my rights if you are gonna keep me here, i wanted to my rights and then said they were going to keep me under the british terror law. >> the guardian says they took his laptop and cell phone. >>> stanford university increasing online security. that's after two hacker attacks in the past couple of months. hackers broke into stanford's main comur network for the first time -- computer network for the second time since may. >>> linked-in is making changes to help high school students outline their college careers. the minimum age to create a linked in account will be 13. that way high school students can use a new feature called university pages designed to let t
documents from nsa leaker edward snowden. >>> bay area residents are getting ready to head to nevada for the burning manifest value. it is underway tomorrow. a week long festival. that brings 68,000 people to northern nevada slack rock desert. they have a lot of fun. saturday night a wooden torch. it started 20 years ago. >>> hunt for october, on for the oakland a's. team hanging out in baltimore. the site of curt in the dugout, feels right. jed with a nice hit to right. coming across the plate. we are all tied at one. in the 9th, tied at one. 3-1 pitch to cocoa crisp. crank its up. let it rip. deep fly ball to right field. 2-1a's. a's 2-1 winners yesterday. now 2.5 back behind texas. giants last in the nl west. giants got things going in the first. shattered bat. gets the base hit. driving in marco with the first run. 3 hits on the night. giants tacking on three more just in the first. tim would go five and a third. striking out 8. giants win 6-3. >>> in an hour, the 2013 respect tutu ride is underway, bay area motorcyclists are invited to take part. check out this pictures sent by
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